Current Device Deals & Best Prices (link to new thread at bottom of thread)

Come on $150.00 :grin:

Can the Dragon Tech WS-100 be used on a lighted ceiling fan? I assume dimming models are not recommended for use with motors, but are simple on/off okay?

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I’ve unsubscribed from this thread at least three times already, yet here I am…


I received this in an email from Wink today. I picked up a few switches and dimmers using it. Shipping was free as well! Personally, I prefer the Vizia Rf+ line over the GE/Jasco line.

Leviton Special Offer for Wink Users
Get 40% off select Leviton Decora lighting products at with the promotion code WINKSAVE. Offer expires 11/7/15.

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I wouldn’t depend on using a “regular” switch. I have only tried using GE on/off switches with the fans. It was … weird. The fan would start and sound really loud (humming) and sometimes not start at all. I use Hunter fans so maybe another fan would behave differently, I don’t know. After that experience, I switched to GE fan switch. A little more $, but they work flawlessly. Read the following post

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I currently have 6 fans on the Leviton fan controls/dimmers (1000W). I highly recommend them despite the steep price. Deals can be found on eBay and occasionally Amazon.


I just ordered the the GoControl/Linear GD00Z-4 from Amazon… I wasn’t going to but since the GF wanted a Halloween costume from Amazon, it was “accidentally” in the basket as well… :smile:


Dont know if this has been mention but if you go to and search for z-wave there is a couple of Linear z-wave switch there. I bought a bunch of switches there with a 20% off coupon code comes down to 22 bucks a piece. For example this switch Linear LINEAR WD500Z-1 Z-Wave 500-Watt Wall Mount Dimmer LINWD500Z1 is $29.01 if you buy 1 but if you add another it take off $1.46 and 3 it would be 2.46 with an addition 20% off up to $50 bucks. I am not advertising for them but it was a very good deal. I bought all my switches from there in 1 week all 24 of them.

I’ve been buying moisture sensors from staples online… they seem to have one of the best prices and you can get a 30 off 60 or more coupon on ebay form around 10 bucks.

I have bought eight … one for each bath and kitchen in both houses. they are small work well and install quickly if you buy two at a time with free shipping cost is pretty reasonable


oh ya no mucking with device types. they install as a normal door open/close sensor and when you save the type is automatically changed to water sensor… also reports battery fine.

Just received an email announcing Amazon’s new service called “Prime Now” that allows Silicon Valley (Bay Area , Ca) residents to receive Amazon products in 2 hours. As part of that new service there is a promotion being offered. Download the Amazon Prime Now app and receive a free 20 dollars off any 50 dollar purchase with the code “GETITNOW”

Amazon Prime Now Promotion

One must download the Prime Now app that is installed to utilize the promotional code as it does not apply on Amazon’s main site. Just FYI

Best Buy will offer free shipping on all purchases from Sunday October 25 through January 1 2016.

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Friends of Hue Lightstrip $62.99 (reg. $90)

This is the older lightstrip they are getting off the shelves. The newer one is the Lightstrip plus (Shape Light) which is much much brighter (1600 lumens).

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Still a deal but as you said, important to know it’s not the Plus!

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Looking for a true Android alternative to the $49 Kindle ? While I know nothing about this tablet or brand, the 200MB of free T-mobile data for life would make it a great control center if you are worried about losing home internet service .

Link for $0.99 T-Mobile sim card with 200mb/month of free data ( Code SIM99 at checkout)

No clue if Bayit devices will work in ST, but Staples has a big sale on them this weekend. Smart outlet $32 , IP Cam $67 , and LED Bulb starter kit with hub $63

do you have the model number or the link to Amazon?

Bayit is a cheaper WeMo type pocket socket plus bulb. Has its own app. Doesn’t integrate with anything else that I can see. No I FTTT channel, no API. I’m not saying it would be impossible to hack an integration, but you’d have to be pretty technical.

It looked like a cheap Wemo, but I didn’t dig far enough to see if one of our resident brains had hacked them :smile:

The color changing bulbs at $63, are cheap enough to just use for holiday decorations. About 1/3 the price of comparable Hue kit.