Current Device Deals & Best Prices (link to new thread at bottom of thread)

Cool thanks. Yea the echo will be my next purchase after this. Been needing this anyway. 4 remotes in the living room.

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That’s a good deal… I paid $299 for my 16 zone Rachio late this summer!

Man, if I get this then I’d have to change the dimmer in my theater room and then change the bulbs and then… explain it to the wife. lol

Edit: A companion thread is seriously needed to come up with good excuses. :sweat_smile:


I just told mine I wanted it for xmas. She just ordered it

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An alternative to HD to take the Sears GE Link sales promo to is Target. The one near me clearly displayed their match policy signage right when you walk thru the doors and even mentions as a competitor whose price they’ll match. No need to print out the advert. - you can just show them the online ad. Recall Target used to carry/ formally display Wink products back in the day - they may be limited to remaining stock on hand for the GE Link bulbs so you might want to grab what you can find there. Hats off to Sears for originating the steep discount to begin with!

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Great find! Yea I picked up 12 of these bulbs (a few in spare) due to this promo and hooked them up with SmartThings then Alexa so that I can try to get my wife to get used to using Alexa for controlling the house lights but that may take a very long time as, even for me, I’m still slightly used to turning off the physical switches. :smile:

Also worth mentioning though as a warning is that these lights, at the moment, are not perfect and can disconnect from SmartThings (however what lights can’t so yea haha) but in my personal experience I have only seen this occur when someone flicks the light switch on/off manually and not through the app or Alexa which is going to be a very high chance for anyone starting to use these throughout the house so just as a warning!

I have included the link below to a fantastic thread by @JDRoberts just so that if it happens to you, then you can easily fix it within seconds…

lowes iris contact sensor 15 bucks just orderd 2. New york. Unit PriceQuantityItem Total
Iris Iris Indoor Door and Window
Sensor (Works wit… $15.00 2 $30.00

Opps I think this is the old one so I canceled my order

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Currently OOS, but if it comes back in, ST Hub V2 for 89.99 at Crutchfield:

Discount is a $10 instant rebate

I’ll try to post an update as soon as they come in stock at Crutchfield. Please ask for Sonny.

Yeah they are they old ones. I noticed they dropped the door sensor price to 9.95 this weekend.

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Keep in mind I was considering moving from an existing v1 to v2 but after asking that question in the thread below and getting community opinions I then reconsidered (since there weren’t that many pros outweighing the cons). Especially since $10 is attractive but not a big enough deal to warrant the time for migrating devices or deal with even new issues in v2 that aren’t in v1 but yea! Maybe if it was 50% off!!!

" New " hue lux $19.97 in store " new lower price " at HD

What the difference between that and this one at Best Buy for $14.99?

I’m not sure off the bat, but from what I learned earlier in this thread if they’re the same it seems the best deal would be to have HD pricematch with their added 10% less policy.

Edit: still dont know the difference but one of them says “single bulb” and one says “extension bulb” on the covers. Maybe one is the 1st generation?

Hi, just price matched 12 GE Link bulbs at Home Depot by showing the $7.49 deal on my mobile phone. No muss, no fuss.


Those new “White” hue bulbs are $14.95 everywhere (see Best Buy). I normally get them at Sears with free shipping because “Surprise points” show up in my account and I buy hue White bulbs at the discounted price. For instance, yesterday $10 surprise points show up in my account and I bought the white bulb for $14.95 -$10.00 + tax, delivered.

Amazon is selling the Hue Whites for a much higher price. Best Buy has the lowest price?

I’m seeing them at 14.24 at Sears.
Shows up as 14.99, crossed out, but says to proceed to checkout to see final price.

Anyone know if those work on dimmer lamps - or if any do in general?

I put 3 GE Link bulbs in my dimmer lamp and they do flicker a bit sometimes. I have to goof around with the dimmer % on the bulbs to stop it. I don’t mind keeping the dimming knob on the lamp 100% as long as any specific brand plays nicely with it.