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I know I have this for my wall mount nexus.

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That’s neat! Though I’m more a fan of legit PoE, I currently use the TP-Link PoE splitters which are awesome (and cheep! and 1Gb!) but having one THAT small would be awesome if they sold it separately.

HOLY SMOKES! They do have the PoE splitter separately…FOR $120!!!

I’ll stick with my TP-Links thanks!

on amazon… $100per camera

UPS back to $19.95

Good score today Picked up 4 GE dimmers at a Lowes 30 mins from town for 13.50 each and 4 3ways for the same. Also 2 GE receptacles for $15, 2 belkin 5 port 10/100 switches for $1.88 and a belkin dual band WiFi for 6 bucks Great close out deals.

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I’ve been looking all over for the ge dimmers. Twice now the store has had them online in stock and when I go to the store they can’t find them. Only the newer models are there on the shelf. Anyone else running into that ?

I did, we looked for the part number in the cardboard boxes above the shelves (sharpie written on side) in the isles close to it and found them. For me, it did me no good, the manager wouldn’t sell them discounted. He knew they were non stock, but he said the were being bought back by the vendor, and they would not sell them to me.

They knew they were non stock but just couldn’t find them. Oh well. Guess I’ll wait for a sale. Most of my switches are double switches anyway

All the mark down stuff is really old stock. One guy told me they hadn’t ordered them in almost 2 yrs.
I ordered 4 switches online. received a conformation by email and phone. Got to the store ans was told they didn’t have them. Went to the display and found them behind another product.

Didn’t think to check behind the new models. Good call. I’ll prob go back tomorrow

Nice I found a 339580 and the guy gave it to me for $10. Thanks guys!!!

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Good deal currently on amazon for Kwikset 910-Zwave Lock ($149)

I have 3 Yale locks, and they eat through batteries pretty quick

Batteries in my Schalges last about a year in the door used all the time , Finally changed them in the door not used as often last month after over 2 years.

This was awesome!!! I was able to jump on the lowes deal!!! Even though I was 3 days late, I was able to find 10 online at a local store… Broke the order up to 2 orders of 5, got 10 bucks off for buying more than 4 and used the 10 off 50. Brought them down to 13 bucks a switch including tax!


If website has them marked down to clearance just buy online and they will likely find them. That what I did. After going to store and them not being able to find and claiming inventory must be wrong, I went home and ordered online and they found them that same day.

Easier said then done! When you click the link the price defaulted back to the $34 number. I had to find a store in my area that still had stock and the $17 price. Glad you found them!

This used to be my philosophy but then this:

This will happen a couple of times before you’ll happily pay the extra for a smart switch and a dumb bulb :smile:

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This has not happened to me, but I know I’ve been pretty lucky.
I just unintegrated 18 GE Link bulbs from my system.

I started this little adventure with bulbs… they were the easiest just in case this didn’t work out, and the price point at $15.00 each worked out for my budget…

But then along came this thread in the forum… and then @TexAMR found this little deal on the GE switches… and suddenly everything in my world changed. I’ve been averaging about $8.50 per On/Off switch and the same for the 3-way switches. I even got 3 of the outdoor modules for $10.00 each.

So, for the last month I’ve been on a mission to get as many switches as I possibly could. I’m pretty close to having all that I need… which is good because I’ve cleaned out every store in the area except one… and I’m thinking of going up there tomorrow… they have 9 left and I’m feeling kind of lucky.

When I’m done I’ll have every switch in the house changed over to a smart switch… and at this price it’s working out great.

I just recently got the $35.00 deal on the Fire TV Stick. I wanted to see how I like it. And so far, it’s great. I set it up on the TV and then I disconnected it from the TV. As long as it was plugged into power then I still had control over the HA aspect of the house. I’m going to put it in the guest room and each of the kids room… probably in the master bedroom too. I have an Echo device in there already, but I’m sure I can find another home for it. I still have one in the box I’m thinking of putting in the garage.

So far, it’s all going really well and I’ve spent less than $1500.00 on everything… thanks to this one thread!