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They do not. Gotta use the companion switch specific to the main switch.

I actually ended up getting the GE 45638 3-way set. It isn’t sold or fulfilled through Amazon, but the seller has good reviews and it’s only $35 with shipping

Wish one of the few ST compatible outdoor cameras would go on sale… has the Ecobee3 WiFi Thermostat + 3 Remote Sensors Bundle for $249 with Free Shipping after applying a $64 discount code. Instructions to apply the discount code are here:

Ecobee3 WiFi Thermostat + 3 Remote Sensors Bundle $249 + Free Shipping


check newegg D-link cameras

Ring video doorbell $50 off HOLIDAY7257 good till Dec 2nd.

Any one know good RGBW light bulbs? Just think hue to too over priced. I though the LIGHTIFY Classic A60 RGBW would have been released by now but still nothing.

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I asked in the Osram Lightify topic and @sticks18 was kind enough to share this bit of information.

LIFX is having a Black Friday sale on their color bulbs.
Enter the coupon: blackfriday25 during checkout for 25% off.
It comes to about $52 shipped (reg. $59.99+shipping).

They are wifi bulbs, but certified to work with SmartThings.

Don’t kill the messenger… :wink:

Ring video doorbell $50 off HOLIDAY7257 good till Dec 2nd

If anyone signed up for an ecobee discount code and is not using it would you mind PMing it to me? I signed up this morning before the page went dead, but still no code in my email.

Thanks for this tip!

When you first posted it, I checked the Lowe’s website and it didn’t seem like there was much in stock around me, so I didn’t think I could get any. Two nights ago, I checked again and placed an order for pickup of one each in two different stores, but yesterday, I got a voicemail from one of the stores that they didn’t have it in stock and would cancel my order.

Today, I randomly decided to check the website again and the same store that said they didn’t have any was listed as having 4. I decided to stop by and check it out myself. I wandered the store looking for the IRIS stuff, and got help from a passing employee. He took me to the IRIS section, and low and behold, there were 3 on the rack! He asked if I wanted more, and I said yes.

He ended up finding a box on an upper shelf that was labeled with a code number, which he almost didn’t find, because there was a 3 in the number handwritten on the box, but he realized it had been corrected to a 5, which matched the number he was looking for. He got the box and opened it and there were 3 more inside!

So there were actually 6 in store, not 4. I don’t know what the story would have been yesterday, maybe they got some more in today or yesterday afternoon, since it did say only 1 available when I placed my online order. It’s also possible the person who tried to fulfill my online order didn’t look in the right place.

I ended up buying all 6. I am not sure I need that many, but I know that the current recommendations for installing smoke detectors is for more detectors than we currently have, and I can always return any I don’t use.

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not sure if I really want to shell out the money for the lifx, I’ll have to look into them more. Honestly didn’t research them much due to the price. I was thinking about funding the Qube bulb on indigogo. $16 for a wifi bulb. I think I’ll prob just weight for lighify or a better deal on a RGBW bulb

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@Tomforti I have a feeling the Osram bulbs will be similarly priced, they won’t want to screw up thier own market.

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Video doorbell section:

Skybell is $105 on Woot.

“Samsung phones sold by T-Mobile are not compatible with SkyBell”

I’ve been watching these. Does anyone own the sky bell? Thoughts on this versus Ring? How does it handle low light situations?

I just tried to use this and it didn’t work. I chatted with Ring and was told that the codes are unique for each person and are good for $50 off up to two (2) Ring Doorbells ordered via and it is only valid for existing Ring users :confused:

If any other Ring user has a code, I’d love to get one.

I’ve had SkyBell since Kickstart and it has been acceptable for me. Specifically to your question, it handles night vision well. However, it does not integrate with SmartThings and has other issues.

Most prefer Kuna over the door bell only solutions:

@beckwith Thanks for the feedback. I can’t use Kuna, as my porch lights are recessed cans. When my house was built, they decided to put the doorbell about 30 inches from my actual door. Does the sky bell have a fairly wide view? I’d love to move it, but thats probably not a feasible option.

I’m betting on $50-55 for Osram. Their Lightstrip is cheaper than Hue, and I think they realize they don’t have the ecosystem yet. The Osram is also cheaper over in Europe where the RGBW bulb is already available.

I don’t think color bulbs will drop much further until someone new enters and gets aggressive, like GE did with Links. Philips is well established and Osram has $30 color temp bulb, so that makes $40 or so the floor in my mind.

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Home Depot will come out with an EcoSmart RGBW. They already have it on the Home Depot Canada website and they’re selling for 35 CAD. That’s pretty cheap.