Current Broken Things on ST Platform

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I wanted to create a thread for summarizing what issues are currently pending from ST side and what is the frequency of occurrence that everyone is observing. Please copy paste the list below and add your own issues with a frequency. It will help us understand which issues are happening the most. I understand there are different threads for each individual issue, but it may be easier if we try to consolidate everything into one.Or may be not? Do provide any feedback on any workarounds that helped to address any of the issues.

Proposed nomenclature for frequency of occurrence: ( Please feel free to make new proposals)
High = You have seen in more than 4-5 times in last 30 days or so
Medium = Has been observed couple of times in last 30 days
Low = Was observed once or twice, but no re-occurrence since then.

  1. SONOS New Phrase Creation Failure : High (Persistent issue)
  2. Mode Misfires: High (7-8 times in last 30 days)
  3. Failed Scheduler Trigger - Low (1-2 times in last 30-45 days)
  4. Failure to trigger “I am Back” upon arrival - High (Persistent Issue)

These are my main pain points at this time.

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Have started something similar a while ago. Let’s combine our effort. We really need something like this. Here is the link to my thread:

Can we get a "Things That Are Broken" category?
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@April can you please help joining these threads so that we dont have duplicated efforts?

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@April has mentioned that it’s better to flag the post instead of tagging her.

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Ha, wouldn’t be a good idea to follow her direction, then @Benji How’s your v2 hub treating you?

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I did right after I posted that :smile:

Sadly no V2 hub yet but it’ll get here when it gets here, no rush. :wink:

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…something…something…few weeks…something… :smiling_imp:

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[quote=“chuckles, post:7, topic:22461, full:true”]…something…something…few weeks…something… :smiling_imp:

I know once we click the ‘buy’ button, doesn’t matter what it is, even if it’s a box of 30 screws, we have the sudden desire to need it yesterday and I used to be like that too but now I figure I’ve got plenty more to be getting on with in the mean time, so I no longer get that “I WANT IT RIGHT MEOW” feeling (as bad) :smile:

Ironically the last few days my Wink hub has been much more response! Still takes about 2 second to turn on a group of lights by a motion sensor but it’s improving! :smiley:

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