Current Best App and Single Switch Fan/Light Control Solution

Hello, so I am just starting to look into the connected home idea and most questions I google keep pointing me to smartthings, Then after looking through a lot of the forum I see it sounds like there my not be a totally solid solution yet? Ive looked at Bond and some other options but what I want to find out is:

I want to be able to toss these ugly remotes these fans are coming with now and do a wall box control for fan & light along with phone app. I don’t need time function or anything advanced, just speed and dim level.
The Hunter 99375 is exactly the type of wall device I am looking for but the reviews are very concerning. I wanted to ask the group here if this is a solid product/solution to use for control of both fan and light tested and approved of? I hope most of the review for the 99375 are probably from the average Joe and not for more technically inclined individual. I plan to have a total of 4 fans throughout the house (3 bedrooms and the kitchen). Wiring isn’t an issue as I can rewire whatever is needed. So to you I ask is this the correct solution for me If I am going to start replacing and adding fans in my home for both app and single gang wall control of fan speed/light level?

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See the FAQ ( this is a clickable link), it shows you the options:

( The hunter 99375 is not compatible with SmartThings, by the way, so you probably won’t get many responses on that model. )

Home Depot sells a fan controller kit that is “wink enabled” but can work with ST since it uses zigbee.

That fan controller comes with an RF remote, but there’s also a compatible in-wall RF remote that can fit in a standard rocker switch faceplate.

So that gives you control at the wall and with the ST app.

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Yep, that’s the first option listed in the FAQ. :wink: Very popular in the community.

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Thanks for the fast responses. I did see that wall control, but I was really hoping the 99375 worked I guess. Coming from commercial lighting control I’ve came to prefer having only the buttons I want (or being able to program buttons to my specific needs) so I liked the fact there was only on/off raise/lower buttons for the fan and light. I am really surprised we don’t have digital switches we can customize functionality of each button yet. Lutron Casett is close but they don’t have both controls in one switch yet.

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I looked through the options on that FAQ and am still trying to wrap my head around how to best do this. I just bought some smart lights for my fan (w lights) so I could have different color lighting as well as the ability to dim and brighten the lights. I only have one switch on the wall, so I can’t do Option 2. What do you recommend I do so I can take advantage of this the most easily?