Curious about how to handle a switch like this ( Single gang duplex switch, one outlet, one toggle)

So I’m moving into a new place and I want to replace the light switches in the place. Most of them I want to use Lutron Caseta switches. But I came across this switch and I’m not sure how to handle it - especially while keeping the outlet there too.

Does anyone have any advice on what I should use?

If there is enough room in the box, you could use an in-wall relay. Make sure to check the power handling specs.

Typically under US code a light switch only has to handle up to 10 A, where a outlet has to be able to handle up to 15 A. So that’s why some of the dual relay options won’t work.

You’re wanting to have smart control over the outlet as well as the switch?

Its more important to have smart control of the light switch, to be honest. I feel like I have more options with the outlet should I want to do something with that. Really, I like to be able to connect the switch to the hub and use the switch while leaving the outlet intact.

If I used a relay, would I still be able to toggle the switch? Also would I be able to use a dimmer relay to make it dimable or would the switch have to be a dimable one?

Something like the following might be a good solution, that leaves everything looking as-is, and is still controllable via the hub.

You could just use a z-wave outlet. The GE and Enerwave outlets both have a button on them to turn on and off the outlet. ( I believe Eaton has a new outlet that isn’t quite released which has two buttons ).
I hope that you have a GFCI breaker or outlet protecting that switch.

I doubt if it would be to code in most places in the US. Code requires that the lighting and the outlet in a bathroom be on a separate circuit, which is to make sure that the lights can still be turned on even if the GFCI has thrown on the outlet. That doesn’t match just installing a zwave outlet there.

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I misread the original request, I thought that the switch was just for the plug ( before GFCI was common, I remember switched outlets being more common in bathrooms ).

So,… Get rid of the outlet and just wire the switch?

He needs an electrician to run a separate feed for a GFCI outlet. From the mirror you can see that the outlet is right above the sink ( and sure… maybe the breaker is GFCI, but I wouldn’t count on it).

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