Ctrl + F overridden by javascript. Anoyyyyyying


Most annoying thing about this board.

(Eric) #2

where? it worked just now. Maybe you want to uninstall that trojan extension.

(Robin) #4

Your response is inappropriate and against forum rules… please give other users respect and do not throw out insults.

(Eric) #5

if you are referring to me then what is the insult.

My “respect” is in making a response that says Ctrl+F is working.

It also appears to me that OP does not know what his extensions are doing.

But the object of your response is unclear.

(Robin) #6

I was referring to @am80l who replied to you aggressively… he called you an ‘asshole’ and a few other things lol

His post was flagged by the community and subsequently deleted (you must have been away for a few days).

Note that this thread is reporting 5 posts yet if you look at the link to this post you’ll see it’s number 6


(Eric) #7

oh thanks for clarifying - next time I’ll look at post count.

Not the first time I’ve been called an asshole (guity!), usually by another asshole.

(Gonzalo Parra) #8

I was annoyed by this too and then I realized that if you hit Control + F twice the second time does work as usual…

(Brad) #9

It’s a feature, not a bug. :smiley: