CT80 Question

Hello All- I currently have a Filtrete 3M-50 (I think it is considered a CT50). I was wondering if the CT80 reports humidity to SmartThings? My current thermostat does not report that. Thanks!!


Mine does not. However, I am new to this world and am still trying to figure out things. I have the CT80 connected and I can control the thermostat, but there is no humidity read out via SmartThings or humidity control set points. For what’s it’s worth, I do not have humidity control enable on the thermostat (in case that matters). Like I wrote, I am still new to this so I could be missing something.

Sorry to revive a dead thread, but this is the most relevant to my problem. I have been working on getting my CT80 to report correctly with all information including humidity. I was able to get humidity working via the 3M-50 wifi thermostat device type and minimal editing. I still have not been able to do the same using the CT80 in conjunction with the RTZW-01 zwave. Additionally the thermostat via zwave never reports back a 3 degree difference even though I have ran the associate. Has anyone gotten this device to work properly?