CT30 Radio Thermostat: Weak interface?

Just got the zwave usnap module for my old CT30 radio thermostat.

Is the interface supposed to look so bland? It’s hard to adjust the temperature without over or under shooting the temp using the slider. Also, I’m not sure if I’m getting regular updates on the current temperature… how frequent are the temperature updates? Is there a hold or away mode? Also, my configure button doesn’t do anything.

I guess I was expecting an interface that would replicate the wifi app version. Wondering if I should have bought an Ecobee thermostat.


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It can be better! Here’s my custom CT-30 interface:

Since there’s no specific device handler for the CT-30, ST is using the generic “Z-Wave Thermostat” device handler for it. If you’d like a different interface with specific capabilities for the CT-30, you’ll need to head into the IDE and change the device type (which device handler it uses) of your CT-30.
Before that, though, you’ll need to add a new device handler to your account. There are a few different ways to do this, and a few different device handlers for the CT-30. It may seem scary, but it can be as easy as copy & paste. Check out this thread for an example DH you could use.

Out of curiosity, what does the WiFi app look like for the CT-30?

This looks great, looking forward to trying it out. Question: I have multiple CT30s on a single hub. Is this modification device-specific, or will the modified device handler work across multiple units? Thanks, Rob.

That shouldn’t matter. It’s not device specific in a restrictive way. In the IDE you can choose which device handler each CT30 will use.