CT100 thermostat zwave edge driver problems

How about just leaving it as is DTH, and not screw up users in middle of the winter? :slight_smile:

Just to add to my frustration …
On the thermostat that works setting the set point manually none of the routines works now.
Back to the stone age …
It will not set temperature or even change mode, nothing.

Your other option is to get a supported thermostat, one that is still being manufactured and is WWST certified. Solve all your issues and frustrations. Cloud base systems are dynamic and subject to change at any time.

Corey, 2 problems with that,
modern thermostats rarely support millivolt systems without complications adding additional power supply and relay. (fireplaces and old gas furnaces)
Also it always worked perfectly fine so why to throw out something that should work?
All rules are now running locally.
There is option to disconnect the zwave and program the thermostat but that will lose the remote adjustment functionality.


I feel your pain, but this is the world that is cloud computing.

Lots of products that are cloud dependent have unfortunately moved to a “no longer supported” state that were working fine just the day before. I have a stack of Cloud Cams that would still work fine and are now e-waste.

Its going to be difficult for any platform to re-certify a device that hasn’t been sold for years and came out in 2013-2014. You could move to Hubitat and use their Groovy drivers. If you leave your other zwave devices on ST you’d need two Zwave meshes however.

Just trying to make suggestions. Yelling at the clouds about a device whos manufacturer is not driving a WWST certification under Edge is a waste of time. Unless someone in the community writes an Edge driver, its not going to happen from Samsung. I’m willing to, but don’t have a device to test with.

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I can send both a ct100 and a Ct101.

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There has been an open Pull Request for the CT100 Edge driver for two weeks now so clearly ST are showing an interest in it.

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I do appreciate your effort Cory!
My frustration is with Samsung handling this issue, to disable heat is not OK, and not like I’m first to report this.

Thank you!
Looking forward to test this :slight_smile:

Happy to report that with this test driver I’m able to set temperature and switch modes!
It’s not all smooth and sometimes setting heat point ends in network error but basic function is there and that’s important now.

Thanks you so much for posting this Graham!

Same CT100 issues (Downstairs thermostat and Upstairs thermostat)
Account: paddynt@hotmail.com
Hub location: Home

Use the driver posted by orangebucket above, working for me OK
Use this invitation URL and install the Z-Wave thermostat driver.
Invitation URL:


Thanks. It is working now and I can set the temp using the beta driver from the link. There is just a minor issue where the ST app set point displayed in a decimal 20.6 C and the actual thermostat set-point is 21. But that’s very minor to me and I’m fine with it as long as I can enable again my automation.

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