Cree Connected Bulb Issue


Has anyone had an issue where a cree connected bulb just keeps rapidly blinking after turning it on? I connected both of the bulbs I just bought ot my hub successfully with a lamp that sits next to my hub. However, I then went to install them in the fan in my living room ceiling and when I turn them on they just keep blinking rapidly. They can still be controlled by smartthings and when i put them in any other lamp they act fine. Also, when I use regular led bulbs in the fan they work fine. Both the fan and the light are controlled by a single switch, so the only thing I can think of is that something isn’t wired properly and that there is not enough power or something going to the sockets.

Has anyone experienced anything like this?

That sounds like something is wrong with that Fan to me. The only time I had a similar problem was with a GE Link setup, turned out it was the light fixture. Replaced it, and it worked fine. Note the wiring looked good, but something was shorting or incorrectly wired for the GE.

Does the fan have a dimmer in it by chance? I’ve seen this behavior in Hue bulbs when they aren’t provided 100% power, even in fixtures that standard LEDs appear to work fine.

Good Point. Although I thought that would only happen as they dimmed up and down?

As far as I know there is no dimmer function. The fan is controlled by a remote because it’s on a vaulted ceiling, however the remote only has one button for the lights.

I wonder if it’d be worth checking voltage at the light socket.

My remote has one button for lights and still dims. I just hold down the button. So it’s worth a check. Also if the module in the fan controlling the lights isn’t LED compatible it may be altering the voltage in some way the LED doesn’t like.

I’ll be damned, it does dim if I hold the button. I’m still unsure why that would be causing the problem with the connected bulbs and not the regular ones.

Without getting to technical. The dimmers mess with the way the bulb voltage so it just doesn’t work. :smile:

Smart bulbs need full clean power to run the smart part of the bulb. If your lucky and the dimmer is at 100% you may get away with it.

Well thanks everyone for your help. I’ll just live with not having control over those lights as I don’t want to replace the fan.

You could bypass the fan control module. Usually it is separately installed where the fan is mounted to the ceiling. See Control wiring and the light wire is usually blue which needs to be disconnected from the module and connected to the black hot wire before the module.

Could I also put something like a Aeon Micro switch in between the lights and the control module and just get control over the lights that way instead of using the bulbs?

you could, but the way I posted is free :smile: and since either way you have to get to the module why add the extra $$$ and another potential source of issues? Also there is usually very little room left in the fan mount with the module in there so might not be any room.