Cree bulb showing up as two things it isnt

The last two cree bulbs I’ve purchased show up as the following items when I discover them:


Fibaro Open/Close door sensor

I can’t figure out why or how to make it detect correctly.

That makes no sense at all. The Fibaro is a Z wave device and the Cree bulb is zigbee. They don’t even speak the same language. :scream:

You should definitely get in touch with support, something weird is happening.

Trying but after sitting on hold for over an hour I’ve given up

Can’t you just log into the Ide and fix them?

I know how to get into ide but how would I fix them?

-=Brian Engel

Go to My Devices. And click on the device. Click edit and select the correct device handler.

I just had this exact issue and was going insane because I thought this device was a neighbor’s and the hub wasn’t actually detecting the bulb at all- after pairing it as the fibaro and then going to the IDE and flipping to a Cree bulb, it toally works as expected!

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I went in to the IDE and changed them to Cree bulbs as well and now everything seems to be working well. Thanks for the suggestion.

Seems to still be an issue. I added a new Cree bulb yesterday and it added as a thing. I like to use the GE Link DTH so I can control the dimming speed of the bulbs.