Cree Bulb- Cheap Hackable Zigbee Module

Just saw this on hackaday. Looks like the zigbee module in the $15 Cree bulb can be easily repurposed


You are unleashing a monster! :crocodile:

Some Monoprice Z-Wave devices have been suggested as good base hardware for hacking, but the concern has been their relatively large size. Now we have a ZigBee option with a small form factor.

I hope folks that accidentally “drop” their ZigBee light bulbs (Hue’s thin glass diffusers break really easily and are not replaceable), don’t just toss the magic chip in their bases.

what is it ?
how small and how much it cost ?

I meant… Just hack up some Crees…

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Does anyone know if the Cree Bulbs are actually sold in Canada?

Try the Home Depot Canada site, they should have it if anyone does.

Nope. hopefully soon.

Is this bulb work on 220 VAC ?

I already took apart my 2 cree bulbs. I am thinking to put zigbee chip with a relay inside the light box since I have no neutral for zwave switches. so I can use my favorite dumb light bulbs.