Cree Bulb and Z-Wave

I am trying to connect a Cree Connected Bulb to my system and having no luck. My hub has the most current firmware. When I look at my Activity Logs it only appears to be doing a Z-Wave search and the bulb is Zigbee… How do I make the hub look for the bulb in Zigbee mode?

check your zigbee firmware under the hub status page paste the version her . You may require the update.

I think I have the most current version:
backupVersion: 0.11.604
bootloaderVersion: 4
hardwareID: 0001
localSrvPortTCP: 39500
localSrvPortUDP: 0
macAddress: D0:52:A8:00:86:D3
zigbeeChannel: 14
zigbeeFirmware: 1.5.4
zigbeeNodeID: 0000
zigbeePanID: 06D3
zigbeePowerLevel: 254
zwaveControllerStatus: 01
zwaveHomeID: C13032E8
zwaveNodeID: 01
zwavePowerLevel: 0
zwaveRegion: 1
zwaveSerialVersion: 4
zwaveSucID: 01
zwaveVersion: 0329

Okay, you are fine.

I did have issues getting them to join the zigbee network, but once on they have worked great. Try this, put the hub into add-device mode from your phone, then turn the switch to the zigbee light on, then off, then back on. It should detect the light after a few seconds.

You may need to reset the Cree bulb. Instructions are here: Cree to offer Zigbee LED smart bulb