(Lee Ragsdale) #1

Added a SmartThings Hub to my house a few weeks ago and had success with a GE Z-wave light control while applying rules through IFTTT. I have now added a few CREE connected lights (Zigbee) to my ST Hub. However, I cannot control the cree lights through the IFTTT ST channel.

A few searches through the ST forums has not helped me out. Likely operator error on the search!

However, any thoughts or approaches to getting the CREE lights controllable through the IFTTT channel? Any insights from the forums you can point me towards?


(Kevin Tierney) #2

Have you tried going into IFTTT go to the ST channel and select reconnect channel? This should allow you to add the lights to your IFTTT account


See if this is a similar issue:

(Lee Ragsdale) #4

Thanks - that was it. Now that I see how the channel is configured, it makes sense that I would need to reconnect once I add new devices. Inconvenient, but I appreciate why it is there.

(Lee Ragsdale) #5

Yes, that’s it - Thanks!