Creating/spinning new thread guidelines (topic marked for deletion)

It appears that with the influx of new members and the v2, we have started creating duplicate threads for the same issue which makes it difficult for anybody to track. Please first check if any active thread already exists before spinning/creating a new one. Believe me, guys! The search in this community still works. :wink:

May be @slagle, @ben, @april… will post the thread creating guidelines again. Please also delete this thread.

This is going to help us all.


No comment :slight_smile: :slight_smile: But I know what you mean!


This community has turned into a chat session. I’m not sure forcing guidelines will resolve it, however.

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Talking to themselves/Thinking out load has been a reason to open a thread as well, buddy. Where the hell is this app, a minute later… aah… ok I found it! And now we have a new thread… :wink: