Creating codes for schlage connect using smartthings


I am wondering if someone can help me to create codes for my schlage connect smart lock from the smartthings app.


If you are in a region where Smart Lock Guest Access is available to install - you can install it and use it to create lock codes. Go to the Life section in the ST app and click on the + in the upper right of the screen. If it is available, it will appear there.

Otherwise you can check out the @RBoy apps which are behind a paywall.

I’m in the USA, so I guess smart lock guest is not available.

This my first and last experience with schlage smart lock…they shouldn’t call it smart at all.


Was your Samsung account created in the US?

Nope. I was living abroad.

Contact ST support at

I love my Schlage locks. I am using an app called Lock Manager in the USA. I don’t know if it is still available. The interface takes a bit to figure out, but once you do, you can do quite a bit with it.