Creating automated tests for my SmartApp

I’m creating a non-trivial SmartApp (a few hundred lines of code) and would like to create some automated tests. I’m curious if there’s a recommended way to automate tests and what other people do.

My tests would look something like:

  1. Set temperature A to X
  2. Set temperature B to X
  3. Turn motionDetector C to “active”
  4. Assert(switchD = “on”)

Is this possible or will I need to do everything manually through the simulator?

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I’ve thought about this before. Some of it you can do easily, some of it you will need to build a virtual device for (setting a motion sensor to active).

For example…

def runTests() {

def testOn() {
    switches.each { it->
    runIn(5, testIsOn)

def testIsOn() {
    def result = true

    switches.each { it->
        if(it.currentValue("switch") == "on") {
            log.debug "Yes, ${it.displayName} is on!"
        } else {
            log.error "No, ${it.displayName} is not on!"
            result = false

    return result
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Thanks (again) Eric. Let me read more about devices and virtual devices and try this out.

Take a look at my settable temperature sensor. It looks like a temperature sensor to SmartThings, but it has the a method that I added to manually set the temperature.

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