Creating a Virtual Device to Control Devices with Zigbee Group Messaging -Is there a way?

Hi Group,
I am using a number of Juno Connect Ceiling lights, say 10 in a room, and using @Mariano_Colmenarejo’s driver. The lights are in a Zigbee Group and bound to an Inovelli Blue 2-1 Zigbee switch in smartbulb mode. This uses Zigbee group messaging and binds the switch directly to the Zigbee group. -Near instant response, works if the hub goes down -nice.

I love this setup (when firmware updates don’t corrupt the zigbee radio).

Does anyone know a way to create a virtual device to issue commands to the Zigbee group using group messaging? Specifically, I want to adjust color temp and avoid popcorning. I’d also love to port this virtual device over to my home assistant server and control the room with one “device.”