Creating a smart ceiling fan for an outdoor area? (Cooldown dogs)

Guys, I need to create a system that connects a ceiling fan to the internet.

I live in a city that is warm during the entire year, and my dogs are suffering, because of this terrible climate, so I had this idea!

I want to connect a ceiling fan to the internet, and when the temperature hits a limite the fan turn on; and when the temperature drops it turns off.

As I said, I am creating thia for my dogs, to the place they sleep! So I need an inexpenssive alternative. Any suggestions?

As long as you have the SmartThings Hub and you are in the US, you have a choice of two devices that can do this. It will require re-wiring the fan to the new smart controller.

The following FAQ has the details (this is a clickable link)

If you are in a different country, let us know, as the device selection does vary.

This is probably not an effective way to keep your dogs cool.

Ceiling fans don’t really decrease the temperature in a room, they move the air so that people in the room feel cooler by increasing evaporative heat loss from their skin.

Unlike humans, dogs can’t lose much heat by sweating (that’s why they pant when they’re hot, it works essentially the same way as sweating).

If you’re worried about the temperature in the room where your dogs spend most of their time, you should consider an actual air conditioner, or having them stay somewhere else if that’s possible.


I live in Brazil, do you think there is any other option? I could try to import one of these, but it would take some time to arrive…

They are in a place that is open, not actually a room! So i can’t install an AC, it wouldn’t work…
I really feel their pain sometimes, because the temperature is really high and they seem exhausted!

For an outdoor area, you need a cooling system like they use on patios or for sporting events. Usually you would get a “misting fan.“ This is a fan which also connects to a hose so it creates a mist, not just moves the air around. These have been measured to reduce temperature on a patio by as much as 10°C.

There are actually a couple of companies in Brazil that make these, so you should be able to find some locally. One of the bigger companies is Joape.

Here is a listing for one of their devices which is sold in the US, but again you should be able to find one locally. Prices will vary, I am just putting this here as one example.

If you want to automate it, you will need to find one that works whenever power is restored so you can just plug it into a smart plug in module.

There are also much less expensive systems, maybe around $60 in the US, which are basically a hose and nozzle combination. They are often sold for horse corrals. So you might also be able to find something like that, although those would be more complicated to network.

If they like water, a kiddie pool can cool them off. Or a wet towel to lie down on.

Access to plenty of water, and shade is really important too if they’re outside.

They have a cooling pad and a water bowl made of clay, that helps to keep the water fresh! And there is a roof to protect them from the sun!

The real problem is because in the city that I live we haven’t seen the rain for 5 months, since May! I will look for this misting fan! Do you think this plug would help me to automate it? Or I would only be able to turn on and off remotely?

The first question is what the fan does when it was on, then the power was cut, and then the power is restored again.

Some fans will turn back on when the power is restored. But other fans will remain off.

So it doesn’t matter what smart plug you pick if the fan itself won’t come on when the plug comes on.

So the first thing you need to do is investigate possible misting fans or misting systems and get in touch with the manufacturer of that system and find out what happens if the cooling Device was on when the power goes off and then the power comes back on.

Once you find a cooling device that will come back on when the power is restored, then you can look at the right network switch to control that power.

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