Creating a security system using SmartThings

What do I need to build an alarm using SmartThings? I plan to use only motion detectors and a few door switches that have to have a delay before setting off the alarm. I also need one keypad. What do you suggest and is there instructions to do this?

I’m working on this. so far I have smartthings multi sensors for my windows and an ecolink door open/close sensor. i’ll probably be getting a couple more multisensors and door sensors. i don’t have motion sensors but i believe people like the aeon model because you can change the jumper to ignore pets. there are also a couple alarms out there but i’m not there yet.

one thing i like is that i’ve added my foscam cameras to the system so if, for example, the front door opens the camera in the livingroom takes a couple pictures.

an app that helps with this is Magic Home

which gives more flexibility for states. I currently have my motion sensor notifications on for day-away and night-away. use presence sensors and this and it’s a pretty good system.

Thanks I will look into this.