Created Virtual Device on IDE, not showing up in Classic App

In order to get OpenHab integrated with ST and otherwise, I added Device Handler for OpenHab and created a Virtual Device for it., as shown in the image below:

The same Virtual Device

  • doesn’t show up in my ST Classic App.
  • But shows up on New App.

I need it there in Classis App as the accompanying ST OpenHab app has to select this Virtual Device to function in ST Classic app. Any inputs on it ? Thanks.

That’s very odd that the new app shows it, but Classic doesn’t. What if you go to any Room in the Classic app, edit the Room, and then try “Add Devices to Room”? Does it show up now? In the new app, you should have been given the option to add the device to a room, so which Room did you select, and is the same room showing up in the Classic app?

Sorry . It was red herring / wrong setup. As I was using both Classic and New App, there were two HOMEs created (2nd created by new App) and the my Virtual device existed in 2nd HOME.
On New App, in all Devices it happens to show the merge of all devices across HOME. Fixed by deleting the Virtual Device and creating it in Correct home.