Create subscriptions using PAT

Is it possible to create an Installed App instance by only using the API? I want to try to work around using oAuth or the SmartThings mobile app to configure a Smart App instance.

Hi, @625alex! It’s great hearing from you.

Subscriptions cannot be created using a PAT but, the OAuth integration provides an installedAppId along with the Access Token, so you can use that ID to create subscriptions.
Here’s an example of an API access app that creates an SmartApp instance for subscriptions:

Thank you for responding.

I found this example, and it’s great. However, I was hoping there’s a way to do that without going through oAuth.

No, up to now, there’s no endpoint that could help us create an installedApp instance using a PAT.

I was able to create an instance of installedApp using the API, but the app has a “PENDING” status, which I’m not able to change.

A standard Oauth workflow is probably more appropriate in my case anyway.