Create pulsating 'sleep mode' outdoor lighting (like the Macbook light)?

(Devon Brent) #1

Would it be possible to set up dimmers using ST so that they could pulsate like this:

I want all my outdoor house lights (9) to go into ‘sleep mode’ from 11pm to 6am. This serves no purpose other than I think it would look cool :slight_smile:



It’s definitely possible. I’ve seen the pulsing “breathing” effect in this device handler:

It’s the Pulse aka ZLL breathe effect.


Oh, one thing is, I doubt you’ll be able to get all 9 to pulse in unison. There are race conditions that probably can’t be avoided. I’ve had problems getting lights in the same fixture to perform in unison.

But, if you can get them to, that would be a REALLY cool effect that I’d like to see.

(Robin) #4

You’ll get a major popcorn effect / missed events doing this with 9 seperate devices but here is 2 method that will work with 1-2 devices via CoRE.

Method 1) device = Fibaro Dimmer 2 which has hard coded fade on / off when toggled.

Looks a bit jerky in the video clip but that’s just the poor camera focus on my phone. It looked great.

Method 2) device = Fibaro RGBW which comes on and off quickly when toggled. I used the fade actions within CoRE.

(Devon Brent) #5

Thanks so much for the replies. Just to clarify it would be 9 fixtures controlled by 3 switches (GoControl WD500Z-1).

I have only used the simple ST apps; this looks a little beyond my current knowledge base but I’ll work on figuring it out.


(Robin) #6

Install CoRe and just tinker about with it… It may seem complicated at first but you will soon get the hang of it… It’s really very intuitive.

CoRE has some extremely advanced features but it also works great for simple setups like the two examples I posted above.

There are installation instructions and a link to the community Wiki in post 1 of the following thread:

Once you get the hang of it and have your first few Pistons running, you’ll wonder how you every managed without!!

If you get stuck, just ask!!

(Robin) #7

The popcorn effect will probably be there but less noticable with 3 devices.

The only way to know for sure is to give it a try.

Please post a vid of your setup if / when you get it working… Sounds cool!!