Create Dynamic Lighting Scenes

Hi there,

I’m quite new to the platform and have been looking for a way to run a Zigbee HA light through several states automatically at the press of a tile.

For example, I want to have a tile on the app that when I press, my light dims to 5% in 1 second, then dims to 87% in 3 seconds, then 40% in 5 seconds.

Or whatever combinations I feel like. My use case is a product demo. I want to show customers how a product looks across different lighting scenes. I want customers to be able to press one tile and be able to watch the light dimming up and down on a product over particular levels and transition times and see how that affects what the product looks like.

I thought the following code would execute this, but it only seems to execute the last command and my light dims to 40% in 5 seconds.

Does anyone know what might be going wrong or how to achieve what I want to do?

This is my method in the device handler which the tile calls when pressed:

def testing() {
log.debug "dimming to 5% in 1s"
zigbee.command(0x0008, 0x04, “0D”, “1000”)

log.debug "dimming to 87% in 3s"
zigbee.command(0x0008, 0x04, "DD", "3000")

log.debug "dimming to 40% in 5s"
zigbee.command(0x0008, 0x04, "66", "5000")


You are close, you just need to return a list of all the commands you want to execute, like this:

def testing() {
    log.debug "dimming to various levels"
    [zigbee.command(0x0008, 0x04, "0D", "1000"),
     zigbee.command(0x0008, 0x04, "DD", "3000"),
     zigbee.command(0x0008, 0x04, "66", "5000")]

In Groovy the last line of the function is returned, so in this case it is those three commands with a 2 second delay between them. The 2 second delay is added automatically as part of zigbee.command. Also FYI there is a zigbee.setLevel command that you can use instead of directly sending the Move to Level with On/Off command. The documentation is here If you do stick with zigbee.command keep in mind that the last argument is in little endian hex, so those values equate to 0x0010 (1.6s), 0x0030 (4.8s) and 0x0050 (8.0s).

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