Create automation that turns on a switch with delay?

Hello, I am trying to create an Automation, in the smartthings app, that involves turning on a switch when a different switch is turned on. My problem is that I need to turn on my switch after a delay of 5 seconds. I know that you can set up delays with motion sensors but I do not know how to do it with switches.

More details:
I am trying to turn up the volume on my receiver from the Google home.
I created an activity on my harmony hub, called Volume Up and I already have a activity called Watch a Movie. These two activities are seen in ST as switches.
I can turn on the Volume Up switch from the Google Home as many times as I want but ST will not turn it on unless it’s status is off.
In this situatiom, from my Google Home I would have to say: ‘turn on Volume Up’, ‘turn off Volume Up’, ‘turn on Volume Up’. This would turn up the volume twice but at the same time it closes my Watch a Movie activity, because only one harmony activity can Be on at one time.My harmony remote will be useless for the Watch a Movie commands. When You call a harmony activity, it will authomatically turn off the one that is active at that time.
In order to avoid this weirdness, I thoght that I would create an automation saying: turn on Watch a movie, 5 seconds after the Volume Up is turned on. This way Volume Up is turned off automatically and my Watch a Movie activity is on on my harmony hub. Everything would be perfect for Google Home and for my harmony hub.
I need to set a delay because it takes a few seconds to process these commands. With no delay it does not work. I tried.

You will need core to do this. There are other ways to daisychain switches, but none support a delay of only five seconds.

I’m not even sure that core can do less than 10 seconds, but it will get you the closest.

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Thank you, I will definitely check it.