Create a switch or Routine in ST to connect a IFTTT button or Applet?


Is there a way to create a on/off switch button or a Routine in Smartthing to trigger a IFTTT button or Applet?

Thanks in advance.

You can create a virtual switch and then use it as the “THIS” or the “THAT” in an IFTTT applet.

But I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to do. Can you elaborate?

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I have a IFTTT button to turn on the Nest fan. Currently, I cannot find an easy to create a button or a switch just simply turn on the Nest fan for 15 min. Someone built a template just for that, very handy and simple. I just want to create a switch so I can further customize automation with a momentary switch or some sort. Not sure if I explain clearly here.

Have you looked into any of the community developed solutions that integrate Nest with SmartThings directly?