Create a Routine That Makes an Announcement on Alexa When Smoke Detector Triggered

It appears that many or most Tuya/SmartLife bulbs, plugs and switches are now usable as triggers in Alexa. I think this is a recent change, but maybe I just never noticed it before.

I wonder why the same is not true of SmartThings?

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They’ve clearly been introducing it little by little. The Hue connected devices were only added last fall, for example.

From the beginning, there’s been some discussion in the developer community, although never anything official, that Amazon was concerned because they do allow voice control of many devices that don’t update state when they are changed manually. So they may have been trying to protect their users from having to figure out which routines wouldn’t work, because a particular switch model didn’t send an update when it was changed at the wall.

As far as I know, all of the Tuya made devices Except for the IR blasters do update when manually manipulated.

But there are still devices that can be connected through SmartThings that don’t, so the decision might have to be made at a more granular level than just device class. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Just checked: some of my aqara devices now show up as possible triggers, including the button. But my Meross nonMatter plugs still don’t.