Create a device for MyQ garage door

no matter what i do it always says door not found and im positive i got the login info correct and door name correct as well. i made sure all the info in the preferences were correct in the IDE as well and tried deleting the device and recreating a few times…no luck

this works with this device right?

Also, I’m wondering if there is another or different capability we could add so that we could add this to the door dashboard? I would like to get alerts or be able to set auto open/close stuff with it, but it doesn’t seem like I can do that currently.


@essidle mentioned that he would look at adding contact sensor capability in MyQ Garage Door Device Type

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Thanks Steve. I’ll keep an eye on that thread too.

@chevyman142000 I can add it to the dashboard but it doesn’t seem to work.

@essidle are you able to open or close the gdo from the dashboard? I can only get it to work from the things page.

Btw - awesome.

@retlas, you can only see the status of the garage door on the dashboard. Open and close commands do not work from there.

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Thanks @steveganz does that also prevent any smart apps from working as there isn’t an “app” page anymore, only dashboard based apps.
Looking to automate an opening when my presence tag arrives home.

Apps still work. I modified the Ridiculously Automated Garage Door Opener for MyQ. Check it out at

@steveganz very strange, I can open and close the door from the things page but can’t get it to open or close when using smartapps. Any idea?

@retlas, what apps are trying to use?

@steveganz configuring it through the dashboard > open when people arrive

@retlas, the MyQ cannot be controlled via the standard Dashboard apps. It will work with the Ridiculously Automated MyQ Garage Door Opener linked to above though.

A cheaper and more reliable method seems to be installing a Z-Wave Relay (Evolve LFM-20) that’s compatible with SmartThings. Just a bit of wiring involved, but simpler (for me) than fussing with code. Combined with a door open/closed sensor, it’s pretty easy to create a SmartApp that opens/closes based on your installed presence sensors (a common use scenario). Wish I had known this before spending the $ on the MyQ system.

Best make sure that your GDO will work with a simple switch. I have two; an old one and a new one. I installed a LFM-20 on the old one without issue. The new GDO needs a special wall switch to activate the opener which is not compatible with the LFM-20. Simple way to check this is to remove your wall switch and cross the wires, if it opens you are good to go.

Yeah, mine opens when the wires from the wall switch are crossed. Thanks for the heads up!

Hi @steveganz, for someone that knows nothing about any of this, even where I would put your code above to make a device in then ST app, would you be willing to give me real dummy instructions? Thanks!

A lot has changed since this thread was created, @Nanclus. Please go to for the latest code and instructions.

Hi @steveganz,

Awesome, thanks for the link above and I got everything in the developer site. Everything is published however now I don’t see any of the SmartApps or Devices in the iOS app on my phone. Any tips for that? I don’t know if the new version of the iOS app that just came out this week has anything to do with it?


Marketplace > SmartApps > My Apps(at the most bottom). After setting it up,your garage doors will appear in Things

Hi there, yeah that’s what I expected as well however there are is no “my apps” in the iOS app even though yes I did use the my apps type when setting up the device.

Other thoughts? Thanks!!!