I was wondering if these lights could be integrated into smarthtings?? Does the Fibaro controller have this type of functionality to do these scenes?

I am needing like 74 ft of led lights for my home theater that will go op top of the crown molding but I want to control it with smart things.


Anyone have any clue?

(Robin) #3

Nope, Fibaro RGBW module can’t do that.

(Robin) #4

Just looked at the spec for the ‘crazy lights’… the remote control is RF based so not an easy thing to hook up to SmartThings.

Shame it’s not infra-red, would have been fairly simple with a Logitech Harmony setup.

Only suggestion might be to dismantle the remote control and see if you can solder onto the PCB button contacts.

If you can, 3 double Zwave relays (capable of momentary output) would do the trick, as the remote only has 6 buttons.

I would recommend the Fibaro double relays but they are not available in the US. The Fibaro double switches also have a momentary flash ability, but they would have to be wired up to a bank of dumb relays to achieve dry contact.

I remember someone on here recommending a US relay option once, but I can’t remember the brand.

(Eric) #5

The LIFX Strip can do this…

Installed in my bathroom under the vanity. I normally just use a dim 2750k for night light.

(Bernie H) #6

How about a couple of these wired to the remote? They work great for my projection screen wired to the remote and are programmable so you can set up the supplied remote to do more than one board. Then teach that to a harmony.