Countdown timer display compatible with smart things

Good evening, I wanted to ask if someone knows of any digital timer (like kitchen timers) compatible with smartthings.

I have bought a new dishwasher which is fully integrated and I can’t see how long is left on the cycle until it is finished. My idea is to connect the dishwasher to a smart plug and when the power on the smart plug is more than X watts (i.e. is ON and the cycle started, rather than just on) to then a count down timer starts with the duration of the cycle.

I have managed to do this by connecting a virtual button to Alexa so that when the dishwasher started the button goes on and the button asks Alexa to start the timer. However, I would prefer to have a small timer display to put next to the dishwasher and I can immediately see rather then checking on Alexa. The top would be to have one of those alarm clocks that project the time on the wall, but this might be too much :slight_smile:

There used to be some devices in this category, but since the echo dot with clock came out, it pretty much killed the others. Have you looked at that? It’s hard to beat the price if you get it on one of Amazon‘s frequent sales. And the same timer that you’re already setting can be displayed as a countdown on this model

The current model is a sphere rather than a disk, but it’s still pretty small.

Another option is the echo wall clock, which we use in our kitchen and really like for timers. Most of the time it’s just a regular clock, but if you have a timer set it shows as a countdown of LED lights around the edge of the clock. The only thing is this one doesn’t have echo built into it, you need to have an echo nearby, within Bluetooth range, to make it work.

Again, you’d set the timer the same way you are now, you’re just getting a visual display for it.

The first generation of the clock had some difficulty staying connected, but they withdrew it from sale for a couple of months and then we released it about six months after the initial release and then it worked fine. That’s when we bought it. As long as the people in your household can read an analog clock, it works very well. :wink:

Thanks lot, it was my first option but unfortunately it doesn’t work for me because all the dishwasher programs I use are around 2 hours or more. The echo can show only timers when they are less than 60 minutes. If the timer is more than 60 minutes it will start showing the countdown only when it has less than 60 minutes left.

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And the same applies also to the echo wall clock. It can only show timers up to 60 minutes unfortunately!

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