Could slow apps (iOS) be a function of integrations?

Hi all,

I’ve been on here complaining of an incredibly slow iOS app since June of 2021. Multiple support cases later and nothing has changed. Many of you have also confirmed the same experience - network connection delays, spinning circles, network errors, incorrect device statuses, devices slow to control.

For those of you who have slow iOS apps (or even Android for that matter), what types of integrations (“Linked Services”) do you have within your system? I’m running Amazon Alexa and IFTTT, plus a couple of API integrations for some thermostats (Sensibo, Sensi).

Similarly, for those of you who have blazing fast iOS apps, do you have any integrations? If so, which ones?

I’m not yet willing to delete my integrations, but I am curious if this could be a factor in why the app runs so slowly, particularly when it first starts upm and am hoping to get a better perspective by understanding what integrations others have set up.


I am using Android and my app is sluggish but usable. Certenty could be faster.
I have many linked services: Alexa, Google, ST-CLI, Tuya (2 locations) IFTTT (2 locations), meross, switch-bot, kasa, wiz, Honeywell, & Shelly. So I don’t think that is your problem.

How many devices do you have? I think it’s more a function of the number of dev he’s instead of integrations. The app seems to update ALL Devices at once instead of only the devices on the current page. I’m at 200+ devices at it frequently takes 30+ seconds to refresh device states.

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55 devices per the IDE, including any virtual ones I’ve created.