Costco members: Arlo base station + 2 cameras, $179.99 thru May 21, 2017

This is a good deal, but when comparing with prices elsewhere, note that this kit has only two cameras, not four. Works with SmartThings. ro9igB5iji%2BTII0%2FxCu%2FCCyynPAkniA%3D

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will these work thru a window?

Motion detection will not. The camera itself might, hopefully someone who is tried it will chime in. See the following:

Thanks! Got the max qty - 3. It’s cheaper per camera getting it w/ the base station

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I snagged one. Easy set up. Of course I had to order another UPS. I’m playing with placement before integrating with ST.

There seems to be a lot of threads on the integration. Looks like custom rules through SHM is the best route. Hoping to play with it tonight. Thanks for the deal @JDRoberts

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