Cost effective motorized smart blinds - bridge?


I am a new construction builder and would like to integrate fully smart homes with things like lights, music, blinds, locks, etc and the easiest and cost effective way so far has been for me. Simple and it is technology that could easily be updated because it’s simply replacing your regular light switches.

Now, onto my question, I have a home I’m doing where I need 36 blinds and another home with 50 blinds. I got some quotes for smart shades and oh boy the prices were crazy. Scratch that idea - until I found METechs!

METechs is a great motorized blind but does not integrate with smart things (and then to brilliant). The motor is a simple RF motor and has a simple remote that works with it. They sent me a Tuya bridge however, recently smart things discontinued IDE. So I can no longer use that bridge by creating a tap-to-run function and then that shows up in smartthings and then I get the glorified “this device hasn’t updated all of its status information yet. Check again later” basically connectivity issues that we used to be able to solve through IDE.

Does anyone know of a way that I can get these motors bridged to smart things? I found this device online called a bond bridge, it can apparently copy the RF remote signal and it works with smart things.

It’s a 868 MHz rolling code RF signal.

Or maybe someone else has a better idea.

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