Cost effective door/window sensors (UK)

Although I still don’t think it would stop me from importing US sensors, if I could find them at the right price :wink:

I know some were different, but not 1000% sure which off the top of my head. However, the DTHs are available across regions so IF (cough) a US sensor ended up in the UK, it should pair OK.

EDIT: None of the UK sensors are amplified. In the US, it looks like the water leak sensor and outlet are amplified, but the others are not.

If it uses boosted Zigbee it would, however, still be illegal to import, sell, or operate in the UK.

Just sayin’…

Similar applied to all those early adopters who imported smartthings v1 to the UK when it wasn’t available here. That was probably worse actually, as those had the wrong zwave frequency too!

Do a quick search on these forums for Fibaro-FGK101 Door/Window sensor. A great UK frequency Zwave door/window sensor, you can add a very cheap DS18B20 to get temperature readings, and you can convert it to a binary sensor for other purposes, e.g. alarm state, doorbell push etc

Just did a google but they seem even more expensive than the Samsung multi-sensor.


I track the amazon price using camelcamelcamel, then use flubit when the price drops

As long as you can handle the wait - I waited 6 weeks for delivery - these work with Smartthings for about half the price of any other sensors.


Fantastic find Jon. Do they ‘just work’? or do they need special device handlers?

@PailOckenden I got those working in sixty seconds which as a coding ignoramus was fantastic. All I had to do was select the generic Open/Closed Sensor device type. Two weeks on and they are still working fine. They do a motion detector that works as well I just need to amend the code slightly as instructed by @JDRoberts and @erocm1231 . So far I haven’t found anything cheaper.

Do you know whether either of these sensors also return temperature?

Or is that simply too much to ask, at this price?


Just tried to order - apparently the warehouse can’t ship to my location.

Strange, because I’ve bought shedloads of stuff from BangGood before.


No they only do open and closed @PailOckenden

Odd its the same for me today.

Looks like they no longer ship things containing magnets to the EU:


@PailOckenden try changing your shipping method. Works for me now.

Still won’t let me order.

I’ll try again later.

If you can find a UK source for them, the Orvibo sensors that @rednose66 mentions should be a good choice. Based on their specs, they are not using boosted zigbee, so they should meet EU requirements.

Their Wi-Fi pocket sockets, although not compatible with SmartThings, are quite popular in UK so there may be some distributors carrying the sensors as well.

You could contact the company and ask:

I just ordered one orvibo open/close sensors. Hopefully the will work consistently, unlike my Xiaomi sensors. Truth is that open/close sensors are way TOO expensive in the EU.

As we’ve discussed before, I don’t believe the Xaomi sensors are certified for the zigbee home automation profile (ZHA 1.2) which is what SmartThings uses. That’s why they keep disconnecting – – they are waiting for a message from the coordinator which never comes, because it’s not part of the ZHA standard.

The Orvibo sensors, in contrast, are certified ZHA 1.2. So no drop off issue. :sunglasses:

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