Cost effective door/window sensors (UK)

Welcome to the community @rootomatic, unclear why you’re telling us this?

Don’t know if this is against forum rules, but I have three of those sensors in perfect shape that I am putting up for sale.
I am unable to get them to work completely on my US v1 hub (see above). They do connect and exchange data, but open/close events are not working, probably due to the age of the hub, everyone else here uses a UK v2 hub AFAIK. And since I am moving towards a full Z-Wave solution anyway (probably not via ST, their mainland europe roll-out is taking way too long), I have decided to “give them away”. The board says: Door Sensor v0.5 2015-11-27.

Send me a PM or leave a note on this forum. Make me an offer. I’m OK with about half price plus postage from France (which is where they are now).

Hi, I’ve found one article that seems to indicate little to no difference between brands and capacity of cr2032 coin cells. May save a few pennies to stick with cheaper brands going forward.

Hi, thanks for the welcome. I just wanted to add some recent info for anyone looking for cost effective door/windows sensors. They were around £16.65 delivered to the UK and integrated after adding the correct device handler. Took about 2 weeks after ordering mid-July.

I notice that he graph only shows big brands.

I’ve noticed a HUGE difference with cheap/unknown brands. But that’s anecdotal, of course rather than data points!

Yes you’re right. Until now though I’ve pretty much only bought duracell and Panasonic. I’ve now bought some cheap 10 packs of maxells. Time will tell if there’s any real difference! Even if they are only half as good will save a lot of money at this rate!

Even Maxell is a known brand. It’s some of the unpronounceable / pound shop / etc. batteries that I’ve found expire more quickly.


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@hb020 If you still have them I may be interested. Please let me know if you do and how much you want for them.

@KellyDarren I have one Orvibo motion sensor and it gives false alerts at least three times per day. Unfortunately the sensor is in Spain so I cant easily pop over to check it out. Ill take a look next week but wondering if I need to reset the sensor.

We need to be careful positioning motion sensors that are used in ST. I’ve had to move quite a few by trial and error to stop false alarms happening. Draughts, sensors facing walls hit by strong sunlight, open fireplaces, south facing windows are just some of the reasons I’ve found for them. It seems to me most motion sensors used in HA are designed for speed rather than accuracy unlike those used for burglar alarms.
BTW I’ve no experience of the orvibo motion sensors though… maybe they’re even more susceptible to false alarms? Anyone else with more experience with them compared to standard ST ones? I was considering getting some.

@a4refillpad, I have two but havent used them to any great extent. However when I’ve armed the house via ST they have not provided any false information to trigger the alarm.

I’m planning on configuring one with CORE to trigger lights so that be put it under more intensive testing. I’ll report back.

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Well that didn’t last long. Noticed yesterday that all my Orvibo sensors have stopped working. The original one no longer reacts to the magnet, nor do the others. Lights still flash but moving it to/from the magnet yeilds no response.

I’m done with these now, wasted enough time and money on them and I just need something that works :frowning:

Do you happen to have osram bulbs connected directly to smartthings BTW?

No, this is currently my only addition to my smartthings starter kit

Sounds like you just don’t have enough of a mesh. The signal strength of these are not very strong.

So the garage door sensor has just started working again. I havent done anything to the sensor or in the app.


My experience is that when you have borderline signal you see the exact symptoms you describe.

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@a4refillpad My Orvibo Motion Sensor which is on the landing (high traffic) has faired very well. Its set to trigger a set of strip lights around my bathroom door.

Its currently working flawlessly. It got struck on motion one evening (but I’m putting that down to a minor drop earlier when I tried to re-adjust it), but other than that one incident no problem with it.

I have it to time out after 10 seconds and the battery is still showing 100% (unlike my door sensor which blow through another battery in a week).

I have come to the conclusion that the door contacts battery life may be proportional to signal quality. I have 30 contacts and some which have lasted months and others which are chewing through batteries like they’re going out if fashion.

When I look into the raw events those with very bad battery life seem to be sending malformed packets of data indicating some kind of signal quality issue. My theory is that the sensor doesn’t like this and uses more power to compensate hence suddenly draining power in a very short period of time.

I’m currently experimenting with writing a new DTH to see if I can show this in the events when it happens to forewarn me of potential signal issues. If successful I may publish an update.


any luck with that update I have purchased four to give these ago 3 are working very well but one is hit and miss if it will change to open when I open the window. I have already changed the battery in that one which helped for a few days. Would you recommend removing it from the hub and rejoining?