Corrupt device is causing 500 Internal Server Error

I was in the process of switching from Lowes Iris to SmartThings. Everything was going well with alarms, new devices, etc. Then last week, my Things disappeared from the Classic App. On the IDE, I get a 500 Internal Service Error every time I try to access the Hub or Devices on the IDE.

I opened ticket 68936, but its been a few days.

By process of elimination, I believe the offending device is my Iris Keypad v2.

I can view all of the devices by going to the Rooms tab, except for the entry way where the Iris Keypad is located. I did delete the device in the the new app. But when I try to delete the custom device handler, I get an error that it is in use by a device.

I tried to reset everything by deleting the location. I created a new location and made it the default location. Then tried to delete the original location, but again I get a 500 error.

I saw that @Brad_ST was able to help another user with a similar issue after they identified the device. I was hoping he or someone else might see this post and be able to provide assistance.

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Fixed it for you. I filed a bug report regarding this last week but some additional info may be helpful. What is the order of events? Did you publish a custom device handler, pair the keypad, things worked for a while, and then at some point things stopped working?

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First, thanks so much for that. I was really excited about how much I could do I SmartThings. So it was disappointing to have to stop.

These is the series of events.

I added several device Handlers and smartapps to try and use the keypad to control Smart Home Monitor (classic app). I had to change the device handler for the keypad several times in the Devices section if the IDE. Ultimately, the device handler and smart app from rboy ( worked the best for me. These get oasted in as code. The others I tried we’re from GitHub repositories.

Then last week, I decided to delete the devices handlers that I wasn’t using. I know I was using the one marked “rboy” and was carefull not to delete it. That was in the afternoon from work. That night, I strated to add some leak detectors and that’s when I noticed that my devices no longer appeared under Things.

I figured it was a temporary error and and added the leak detectors. But the problem was still there the next day.

Do you thing I should avoid adding the Iris Keypad again? My wife prefers that over arming and disarming from the app.

Thanks, that is extremely helpful!

I chatted with a cloud engineer about this and we wonder if the fingerprints in the device handler are edited and causing this. If you didn’t delete or edit Rboys Enhanced ZigBee Keypad, then that may not be it.

I’d say to add it back and let us know if you notice this again. We’ll keep digging on our end in the meantime.

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Hi @Steven_Spachtholz,

I’m using @RBoy’s Enhanced Keypad Lock Device Handler as well, but I’m not having any issues with it. My wife, like yours, wants to use the keypad vs the app most of the time. I’ve tagged him in this discussion to get his insight/ideas on what you’re experiencing. Did you post this issue in the Community topic too?


To answer the modification question, I didn’t modify the code from rboy. After the initial problems, one step I took to correct it was to paste the code from rboy’s site into the handler again. In that regard, it would look like I updated it.

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I didn’t post it there, but I can. I wasn’t sure if it was a problem with the Device Handler or just some bad luck on my part.

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I had the same thing happen to me 2 days ago. I had published 2 Zooz ZWave device handlers (unmodified by me). I was excluding the device that I just paired because it didn’t seem to be working correctly and that’s when my devices list quit working along with my favorites (classic app). Devices were still viewable and controllable under rooms. When I went to the IDE both the hub and devices gave me the 500 error. When I tried to delete the device handlers I got an error that the were in use by a device.

I started a ticket also. Today I was tired of waiting so I reset the hub, excluded all of my Z Wave, reset all of my zigbees and rebuilt the system and all my automations. I only have 26 devices right now. I did all of this under a new account.

The old account is still in the IDE and still shows the same errors.

This all happens right after the new app was updated. No idea if that had anything to do with it.

I got the same error. I cannot get to my hub and my device. My ticket number is 698096.

Please help


I think i found the cause of this error 500 on my devices and my hubs tabs. The problem was caused my a failed iris smart plug. The plug was in a room called VariousOthers; why? because the smartthings connect app forces each device to be in a room. When this device failed, the server got corrupted. I can move devices to another room but I CANNOT delete this room.

I am new to this smartthings coz iris went OOB so my learning curve is quite steep with DTH and smartapp. The reason why i am running both smartthings classic and connect because of one automation!

For sometimes now the garden lights tripped off and that would drive my dad mad, especially sometimes after a heavy rain. When this happened it took out the fuse that also controlled garage door coz the outdoor outlet for the garden light, the garage and two inside garage outlets share the same fuse. Instead of using the outside outler, which just have a flip up cover per plug, we ran wire from one of the garage inside outlet to the garden light. And we put a smart plug on it and have an automation that to turn power of the garden light OFF when it exceeds 70W (garden light max power is 80W, normally the lights uses 45W—not sure why the fuse is tripped though!) We checked every connections and water proof it but the automation calms dad down a bit when the garden light went off and did not take out the fuse. I have FIVE automations to do the followings:
- give JUST ONE notification when the garden light turn ON (>30W)
- Turn OFF the switch immediately if >70W

I looked but was unable to find a way to turn off a switch if its power consupmtion exceeds a definable wattage and to do the above so that is why smartthings connect.

My email was answered with the normal “here are some info” redirects and no useful info on the 698096 ticket, i called the tech support coz dad was and is screaming at me to get this fixed! He uses the classic app and the favorite tab shows UNABLE TO LOAD. He just want to look at the temperatures around the house because of grandma. The error 500 kills it!

So after long wait, a tech helped me with the problem and I was given a new escallation Sconnet-19022800029 ticket. This is good but it does not get dad off my back! The tech suggested two things in addition to wait for a response to the new Sconnet ticket: remove all automations, which i did and that when i found i cannot remove the VariousOthers room even after i deleted the failed iris smart plug. About this plug, i cannot reset it by holding the push button while plugging it in! it just goes to on and then off while i am holding the button. I blinking lights! so i think it has failed!

Removing automations and reinstalled them did not help! SO the next step is to start over, RESET the things as he suggested!

I back from school now and dad is looking a bit grumpy so I will have to do that today! Since we migrated from iris i hope it was straight forward as the first time setting the hub up!

I am not faulting support staffs but if they just simply said “if you encounter the VERY SELDOM error 500, remove all devices from smartapp, reset the hub and start over!” That would save people lots of headaches and despairs! Small things really matter when it is smartly used.

OFF to RESET land here i go!

So I’m having almost the exact same issue as the OP. Lowes Iris convert, things going well, adding tons of devices and then I attempt to add my Iris Keypad and poof, 500 error. I haven’t gone as far as to delete all the devices in my home and create a new location yet. Ticket #717984. Do I need to start a new thread or is using the information above, that is almost identical to my experience, useful to you. I’m just looking to clear the 500 error so I can get back to using my account that I’m kinda locked out of.

Help me @brad_st You’re my only hope :slight_smile:


You should be good to go.


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@Brad_ST You are awesome!


@Brad_ST Can you help me with this problem too?

What issue are you having? I looked and don’t see the same thing these users were reporting.

Apologies my issue appears to have corrected itself. Thanks for checking for me.

Hey Brad… add me to the 500 Server error club.

This happened as I tried to delete a parent device with a number of children. The parent and some of the kids were killed in the accident, but some survived and I suspect this has caused the unhappiness.

I have an open ticket number: 808760, but response seems pretty slow compared with what others are seeing here.


Where are you seeing the remaining child devices? Do you know what the device was called? You can provide that info in the support ticket if you want.

I spent quite a bit of time and was unable to fix it.

I used to be able to see the devices in the classic app, but now I can’t see anything. see screen shot

I think the child devices were children of a device called DimA

Thanks, that helped me find the stuck child devices. I deleted 4 of them and you should be all set.

your my best friend for the test of the day.