Correct Device Type for Iris Contact Sensor

I’m using Iris Contact Sensors on all of my exterior doors, and in my IDE, they are listed as “SmartSense Open/Closed Sensor”. The sensors work fine, I just want to make sure that is the correct type to use, vs something like Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor. thanks.

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The iris contact sensors usually pair automatically with the appropriate device type. The smartsense open/close sensor is a SmartThings branded product but it’s a zigbee open/close sensor just like the iris sensor and that device handler works fine. A z-wave device type wouldn’t work, as these devices use the zigbee protocol to communicate wirelessly with your hub, not z-wave.


OK, cool, thanks. I’m still learning all of this. The sensors do connect automatically, and they work great. I just wanted to make sure the default device type was the correct/best one to use. Thanks.

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I have 9 of the Iris contact sensors and they all paired the same way as yours, no problems in the several months I’ve had them.