Core - Wait not working - odd behaviour

I have an aeotec switch and a core piston.
The logic is:
Turn on
Wait 15 secs
Turn off

But the piston goes straight to turn off!!
Any idea?

When ‘Tasks’ are in separate ‘Actions’, they all fire at the same time.
With them all in the same ‘Action’, they fire in order.

So, I think you need to put all ‘Tasks’ within the same ‘Action’.

Also, you don’t need to use ‘Location’ to get the ‘Wait’ command.

While editing the ‘Action’…immediately after adding the first ‘Task’, don’t leave that area. Just move down and add another ‘Task’. In there, ( ill using ‘Motor’), you should see ‘Wait’ as an option when you scroll down in the list of available commands.


Go into the first using motor action. You can have it do all in that one action. After you select motor on you can then add another task to wait then another task to turn it off. This gives you the sequence of events. Having it set up the way you do will have them all activate at the same time because they are all individual tasks firing at the same time.


Thanks. It worked


How do you have an task in an action that waits (a location action) and then controls a switch? It seems by selection location for the action you can then only use those types of tasks in that action. How do you mix tasks within an action?

The trick is not to use the Location action to access the WAIT command. Instead, choose the device you wish to control, then scroll down and look for WAIT. Then you can group the commands and WAIT will work properly…as long as it is all of your tasks are grouped under the same action.