CORE vs Stringify

Hi! Whats the main difference between CORE and Sytringify? I could think that local vs. cloud, but even local procesing ST doesnt work if it has no internet connection.

Just wondering.


I just got my hub about a month ago so, I’m sure, others have more information but here’s my thoughts. BTW, I’ve done all my home automation work with Mac OSX and iOS.

  1. FYI, it’s my understanding that CORE runs in the cloud just like Stringify. I don’t think there’s any local processing of Pistons.

  2. I have both installed currently. I wrote some Pistons in CORE and then duplicated them in Stringify Flows. I’m finding it easier to create Flows than Pistons but they were both fairly straightforward. The Stringify Flow editor is a nice piece of work.

  3. I like the notification options built into Stringify.

  4. I think the CORE Pistons were slightly more responsive but that is not based on anything scientific. Most of my rules are location based and location service quality responsiveness varies wildly for me. Judging by the forums, I’m not the only one. I’m simply happy that it’s working considering how many people have issues with using their phones for presence.

I’ve used both and like both. That said, I’ve been using Stringify as my primary ‘rule engine’ for the last 4 - 6 months. I think each has their strengths and weaknesses. For instance, CoRE is better at handling logic like execute a piston if any device meets a certain criteria (e.g. any device within a family detects presence or absence). On the other hand, I really like the Stringify UI because I find it easier to build my logic visually. Also, I like the fact that Stringify allows me to use ST devices plus devices not supported by ST within the same rules. Ultimately I think it will come down to your personal preferences and how much you want to stay within the ST ecosystem.

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I just installed Stringify myself and really like the level of UI polish. Here is what I think:

CoRE pros:

  • Can handle much more complex rules
  • Should be faster as it runs inside the ST cloud as opposed to Stringify which implies inter-cloud communications

CoRE cons:

  • much less polished UI - I personally hate the UI which led to the existance of webCoRE - you should try it
  • can only sense/control devices that are connected to ST, whereas Stringify keeps adding compatible systems

Give webCoRE a try, it supersedes CoRE and gives it a much better HTML UI and adds virtually unlimited levels of complexity. But nonetheless, Stringify is an amazing tool.