CoRE vs Routines?

As I learn more and more about how to use CoRE, I find myself moving more and more functionality from the routines I had set up over to CoRE pistons. I now have several CoRE/routine pairs triggered by virtual switches, with the routine handling some of the task and a piston handling anything the routine can’t do.

Is there any performance benefit to using the built in routines instead of CoRE? I would guess there may be a slight increase speed, although to be honest I can’t really notice it.

Is there a limit to the number of CoRE pistons, or a point where too much memory is being used?

I’m just trying to decide if I should do everything with CoRE so that it’s all in one place, and not having to worry about editing two different code sets if I change something. And, for simple stuff, routines are easier.


A routine can be set up as an official SmartThings widget.

And a routine which only includes lights, switches, and thermostats can be Voice controlled through Alexa without needing any additional set up (although you can control any routine, including ones with locks, by using a virtual switch so it’s not that big a deal).

And routines have their own screen in the SmartThings mobile app, which might make them faster to find.

Those are the only advantages that I know of for routines. (Neither routines nor core run locally at the present time.)

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Yeah… I’m controlling both a routine and it’s associated CoRE piston via a virtual switch, turned on with Google Home. I’m discovering more and more how powerful virtual switches are.

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I’m on the same boat actually.
Moving more functionality from Routines to CoRE. I find them equally reliable, but i haven’t used it for a long time yet.

I find the notification options in CoRE a bit nicer, you can set your own notification text. A Routine will always add a sentence to what routine is triggered: “Performing ‘routineName’ for you as requested, because Garage door was opened”, instead of just “Garage door is open” (or anything you like)

It also gives you more options, like AND (only perform the action between certain hours)

Some very simple actions i still have in Routines, as they can be clicked and also set on the widget page on iPhone.

But sometimes thinking which to choose, still…

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