CoRE, virtual switch, group of lights and ActionTiles

Hey Guys, trying to figure out how to make something to work.
i have created a virtual switch and then added multiple lights to it via CoRE:
Piston: Do
multiple lights
turn off.
then i added the switch as a “device” and then added it to SmartTiles.
the switch works great as an on off switch
but here is what i am trying to do.
i am trying to add a condition that if one of the lights in the group is currently turned on
i would like the CoRE virtual switch to recognize that fact and show the switch as “on” state.
then i can click to turn all lights on.

to simplify what i am trying to do, because i feel like i over complicated it.
i want to have a tile in ActionTiles to turn off all lights in my house without manually looking for the specific light that is on, so i need CoRE to recognize if not all lights are turned off.

any help will be appreciated, thank you.

I hope I’m understanding this correctly. A latching piston.
Turning OFF virtual switch will turn off any of the lights that are on.

Any of L1, L2, L3, L4 or L5 is on
Using VirtualSwitch...
 > Turn ON

VirtualSwitch changes to off
Using L1, L2, L3, L4 and L5
  > Turn Off

i believe your on the right path with me (or i am with you lol),
As i have it right now ActionTiles i can either turn the virtual switch on (will turn all lights on) or off (will turn all lights off).
i am trying to get the actiontiles to visually show the switch as “on” if ANY of the lights are turned on.
That way, i can then just click the 1 virtual switch called (all lights in house) and have them all turned off.

So maybe a better way to do this is to create somehow a switch button to simply turn off all the lights in the house?
maybe outside of CoRE.
i tried to do what u recommended above but couldnt get it to work

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You can create another Virtual Switch just like the one you have for Turning all on/off and use that in this piston.

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