CoRE versions.. and how to update?

I’m currently running v2 of the CoRE app… I think…

Not sure how to update and if my Pistons will be preserved?

Couple that with a v2 hub coming home this week…

Any and all ideas will be welcome!

Won’t wipe them.

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I see the number v0.2.148.20160902… Is this it?

Which is the latest? How do I update using the GitHub integration? Sorry for all the questions!

How can I make a backup JIC?

And if I make the change to the hub v2? Will I need to re do all the pistons?

Thanks for the info! Updating right now!

Thanks for the tips!

Hum… Web based dashboard?

EDIT: WOW! Just saw the web dashboard… It’s so plain in sight… but I had never noticed it! Niceeee…