Core to turn off aeon outlet

so a catastrophic event just hit my household. long story short, my laundry room flooded not once but twice because the rubber hose came off.

the washing machine is connected to an AEON LABS SMART SWITCH(2nd edition) where the AEON LABS SMART SWITCH reports or notifies me if the LAUNDRY IS DONE.

to prevent another flooding catastrophe my solution was to get a washing machine drain pan, and use some flood sensor. i opted for redundancy and im using two, a utiletech water sensor and an aeon water sensor.

i am able to set my core to trigger my SIREN(dome siren) to sound off, to send me a notification and I HAVE TRIED to set the AEON LABS SMART SWITCH to turn off so it cuts power off to the washer and stop the flow of water when the water sensors are triggered BUT the AEON LABS SMART SWITCH does not power off.

im just wondering if the AEON OUTLET can even be powered off or how my CORE PISTON is made thats making this part of the piston not work.

i do apologize in advance since normally id be posting my core piston but its been awhile since ive been posting here and i may need a refresher how to post it but since im at work, i dont think id be able to anyway.

thank you in advance for your kind help in saving my hardwood floors… :slight_smile:

Tough break. Better replace the hoses every five years and avoid the incident.

Also water hammer arrestors and/or expansion tank may reduce the stress on the whole system. They require some maintenance to make sure the air pockets remain.

I’ve noticed that my PRV has either a “feature” or a “leak” that bleeds the house pressure up to the street pressure. In locales with high street pressure it could be extremely higher than desired 75psi.

I forget the brand but during Black Friday I recently saw a device that would turn your whole house water lever off that was ST compatible. So sensor picks up water and triggers valve to shut off. If your washer hoses came off I wouldn’t think cutting power would stop the water but maybe I’m not understanding the setup.

i think cutting the power off would stop the flow of water(I do not usually do the laundry, would have to ask the boss if this is the case), but will obviously have the initial spill from the detached tubing(if it happens again)caught on the drain pan.