Core Suddenly Playing Up

(Jason Moody) #1

Is anyone else having problems loading up core. A couple of days ago my android phone began to refuse to display core, it gives a message saying something has gone wrong and the screen cannot be displayed. Yesterday my tablet started displaying the same message, and today my wifes phone has followed suite.

I have logged in and out and got no where, and tried uninstalling the smartthings app and reinstalling to no avail.

If I go into the marketplace and click on core it takes me to an open piston, but although i can alter the piston I cannot save it. If I delete it then it is just replaced with another open piston.

(Robin) #2

What version of CoRE are you running?

I ask because there was a problem with earlier versions caused by a platform update reducing the max amount of code allowed in an app.

More recent versions of CoRE reduced the code base below the limit, but I wonder if the recent ST app updates have reduced the limit further?

(Jason Moody) #3

Its weird Robin but today its started working again, although sometimes I have to click on core 3 or 4 times before it lets me in, but I updated it to the latest version when it started playing up.

(Ed) #4

I’m having the same problem. I get the something’s wrong screen only when trying to open CoRE. Over the weekend I could not get into any of the SmartApps and would get the something’s wrong screen. I now only get it for CoRE


(Wayne) #5

I only get this on the latest version of the android app. On an older client it’s fine.