Core pistons run randomly

Why do my core pistons that are tied to a motion sensor run according to my activity feed several times daily. I have them set to only run between 7:30 and 9. they dont physically change anything just clog up activity feed on ST app.

Is there anyway to stop this or do I have them set up wrong? They do work the way I want them to.

I have a few lights at up like this

It’s almost like any motion or report of temp has the pistons checking to see if they are suppose to activate. Just seems to clog up my activity feed

I have it so what ever lights happen to be on after 730 and I find myself relaxing so no motion then the lights dim down and some turn all the way off . Not sure I follow your logic there as I’m pretty new to all this. I don’t want lights to turn up to 100 percent if motion. We manually chamge them pending What’s happening so telling core to have on 100 percent wouldn’t work

So motion itself does not trigger anything just lack of motion is all.

Ok I’ll give it a shot tonight thanks for the hand

Ok so tring this now and stuck already. Have if living room motion IS. ACTIVE.
I leave then blank
I don’t see TCP? Should I be in a basic piston or am I missing something here like I pretty new and haven’t quite got the understanding of language with all this

Ok like this I’m guessing

That didn’t work

That is normal. I will have the next version allow control over the activity feed reporting, but as it is right now, it acts normally, nothing to worry about. The reason is that restrictions allow global variables and other things that need to be checked. Completely unsubscribing the piston when restrictions kick in is not safe as the piston may not resume when restrictions end.

Thanks for the reply I was just gonna deal with the feed since it works correctly. Glad to here it’s normal