CoRE pistons going nuts tonight

(Chris) #1

I have several CoRE pistons that are executing when they shouldn’t tonight, and when they do execute, they are repeating over and over. Anyone else having issues? I have a couple of pistons that set a couple of lights in the bathroom to low levels when mode changes to night, wait a few seconds, then turn off. Most nights, they do exactly that…set to 1 or 2%, wait X seconds, then shut off. Tonight i ran good night routine and now it’s like a rave in the master bathroom, I have 3 different lights that keep turning on and off in 5 second intervals. Wife is upset, just stormed off to sleep in the guest room where there are no smart switches installed.

(Chris) #2

Here’s a log of one of the lights in the master…

(Chris) #3

Here’s one of my pistons, keeps repeating over and over. I have several like it, they are all doing the same…


Tagging @ady624. Unplugging hub and going to bed.

( I hate Mondays) #4

It’s called a circular reference - your but if condition is too general and you should start using execute on piston state change only.

Made a change in 15e to fix a bug affecting latching pistons. NOT ST’s fault this time. :wink:

(Chris) #5

Hmmm ok sorry for the false alarm. I was really hoping I could blame the angry wife on someone else :blush:

So the secondary if block will be executed if any of the conditions in either of the if blocks changes? Am I understanding that correctly? My previous understanding was that each if block would only be evaluated if a condition in that particular if block changed, which is why I had such general conditions. And that is from the 15e change that…I…uh…requested? I hate it when I am one of those annoying end users who is responsible for his own problems :scream: