CoRE piston for dimmer

Is it possible with CoRE to do the following with some dimmers above my fireplace:

If motion is detected, set level to 40% and turn on dimmer; but if the dimmer was recently turned off after running for only 1 minute, do not turn dimmer on.

My objective is to prevent the lines from turning on when motion is detected but I am watching TV. Currently, I have no way to tell SmartThings the TV is on; but, if the lights turned on and I turned them off within 1 minute, that’s how I could accomplish it.

Any ideas?

You can do it if you have Harmony hub integrated with St hub. ST will see if your activities are on or off.
Otherwise, set a variable on the first movement that will prevent lights to come on until you reset same variable with other logic.
Or have a simulated switch “TV ON” that you manually (in the app) turn on or off that will prevent/allow light to come on on motion.