CoRE is awesome!

Just replaced four routines with one CoRE rule in five minutes. Awesome!


How do you control the sun? Is it your personal one, or the global version available to everyone? Can you make it that during winter you have a wait couple hours before turning the sun off please?


All I can say is that it correlates directly to the global sun.

And request granted. :wink:

And thanks for this great app!


For those looking to use this as an example for their own routine changing, “The Sun” is optional. I just had it as a virtual switch when I created a backup to the broken scheduler many moons ago. I could probably ditch it now, and it does nothing in the rule itself. Just to help anyone coming across this.

Okay, so I get it, you control the Sun, fine, but now the moon too?! Who are you??!

Where you see yourself in fifty moons time?

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